Which Digital Marketing Strategy Is Best?

Wondering which digital marketing strategy is best? The answer depends on your needs. Are you an individual or a company? Have you or your brand fallen into a scandal, or are you simply trying to elevate your online visibility? As seasoned experts in digital marketing, we’ve witnessed the transformative power of various strategies firsthand. Ahead, Triple7Marketing unpacks how our different strategies can be the linchpin of your success.

Social Media Matters

Social media is an undeniable force in today’s marketing landscape. With billions of users globally, platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer fertile ground for brands to blossom. For instance, consider the staggering statistic that Facebook is the most popular platform among marketers in 2024, and it’s clear why social media marketing is indispensable​​.

An excellent example is Nike’s use of Instagram. By creating captivating content and engaging with its audience, Nike has harnessed Instagram’s power to reinforce its brand identity and connect with customers on a personal level.

The Trio of Media: Earned, Owned, and Paid

This strategy is about balancing your media presence across earned, owned, and paid channels. Each plays a distinct role — earned media includes PR efforts and third-person pieces written about you or your brand; owned media covers your websites, blogs and profiles; and paid media encompasses all advertising activities.

A brand that has mastered this blend is Coca-Cola. Its owned media, like its website, tells engaging brand stories. It complements this with earned media through viral marketing campaigns and efficient use of paid advertisements to reach a wider audience.

Video Advertising: The Game Changer

Video advertising is a potent tool. With 91% of businesses using video as a marketing tool in 2023, it’s evident that this medium’s dynamic and engaging nature makes it a winner​​. YouTube, as the most widely used platform for video marketing, has been a game changer for many brands. For example, GoPro’s user-generated content strategy on YouTube not only showcases its product’s capabilities, but also builds a community of loyal followers.

Influencer Marketing: The Human Touch

Influencer marketing adds a human touch to digital marketing strategies. It’s about leveraging the influence of individuals who have a considerable following on social media. A classic case is the collaboration between luxe accessories design firm Daniel Wellington and Instagram influencers, which skyrocketed the brand’s recognition and sales.

Branded Content: Storytelling at Its Finest

Branded content is not just about advertising; it’s about telling stories that resonate with the audience. This approach is less about direct selling and more about building a connection. Red Bull’s content strategy, which focuses on high-adrenaline sports and adventures, aligns perfectly with its brand ethos, creating content that excites and engages.

Public Relations: Beyond Just Press Releases

Public Relations in digital marketing goes beyond traditional press releases. It’s about crafting a narrative that positions your brand positively in the digital sphere. Take the example of Tesla. The brand’s PR strategy doesn’t rely on traditional advertising but on the news it creates — be it through product launches or Elon Musk’s tweets, keeping it consistently in the public eye.

Which Digital Marketing Strategy Is Best? That Depends On You

At Triple7Marketing, we understand that there’s no single “best” digital marketing strategy. Instead, it’s about finding the right mix that aligns with your brand’s objectives and audience preferences. We believe in a holistic approach that combines these strategies to create a coherent and impactful online presence.

Key Takeaways

  • Social Media Is Nonnegotiable: With its vast reach, it’s essential to have a robust social media strategy.
  • Balanced Media Approach: Employing a mix of earned, owned, and paid media can create a comprehensive brand image.
  • Embrace Video Content: As consumer preferences lean toward visual content, incorporating video is key.
  • Humanize Your Brand With Influencers: Collaborations with influencers can bring authenticity and broaden your reach.
  • Storytelling Through Branded Content: Engaging your audience with compelling stories can foster a deeper connection.
  • PR is More Than Press Releases: Use innovative PR strategies to keep your brand in the public conversation.

As we navigate the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, remember that the “best” strategy is one that is fluid, adaptable, and tailored to your unique brand story. At Triple7Marketing, we’re committed to exploring and employing these strategies to elevate your brand in the digital space. Whether through the interactive world of social media, the compelling narratives of branded content, or the influential power of public relations, the journey to digital marketing success is an exciting adventure. So, which digital marketing strategy is best? The answer lies in the harmony of multiple strategies, each playing its part in the symphony of your brand’s success.

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