What Is Voice Search Marketing? Triple7Marketing Explains

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In today’s fast-paced digital world, voice search marketing is becoming a game changer. With the rise of devices like Google Home and Alexa, more people are talking to their gadgets to get things done. But what does this mean for businesses? Learn the answer and how Triple7Marketing can help you ride this new trend to success.

The Rise of Voice Search

Voice search is not a fleeting trend; it’s rapidly becoming a staple in our daily lives. By the end of 2024, an estimated 8.4 billion digital voice assistants will be in use, a significant leap from 4.2 billion in 2020. This growth trajectory highlights the increasing reliance on voice-enabled devices. Further, a staggering 56% of smartphone users are utilizing voice search to discover businesses, and 52% of smart-speaker owners prefer the search to easily receive brand-related information. As a result of the boom in this new way of searching, keywords are getting longer.

Long-Tail Keywords: The New Norm

Voice search has transformed the nature of keywords. Users are shifting from typing concise phrases to asking full-fledged questions. This change has made long-tail keywords, or longer and more specific phrases, crucial for search engine optimization. For instance, instead of typing “coffee shop New York,” a voice search user might ask, “What’s the best coffee shop for lattes in downtown New York?” This shift calls for a more nuanced approach to keyword strategy, focusing on natural, conversational language.

Local Searches Dominate Voice Queries

According to a 2023 Synup report, an impressive 22% of voice search inquiries are local. People often use voice search to find nearby services or products, making local SEO more important than ever. For local businesses, this means ensuring their online presence is optimized for these local queries is vital to capture this growing segment of voice search users.

Voice Search’s Impact on Business Reputation

Online reviews and ratings play a critical role in voice search. That same Synup report found that around 90% of consumers rely on them when assessing local businesses. Positive reviews can lead to a significant increase in spending, making reputation management a key aspect of voice search optimization.

Voice Search Across Various Industries

The influence of voice search spans multiple industries. From retail to health care, businesses are tailoring their online presence to align with voice search trends. In the health care industry, for example, patients are increasingly using voice search to find local clinics or medical advice. Retailers are optimizing for voice search to capture consumers looking for specific products or store locations. Each industry faces unique challenges and opportunities in adapting to voice search.

The Technical Side of Voice Search

Ensuring your website is technically sound is crucial in voice search optimization. Voice assistants prioritize websites that load quickly and provide accurate, up-to-date information. This means businesses need to focus on mobile optimization and technical SEO to ensure their sites are voice search-friendly.

Triple7Marketing: Your Guide in Voice Search Marketing

At Triple7Marketing, we specialize in crafting voice search strategies tailored to your business’s unique needs. Our approach involves a deep understanding of how voice search works and its implications for SEO. We help businesses adapt to the conversational nature of voice queries, optimize for local searches, and manage their online reputation effectively.

We believe in a hands-on approach, working closely with clients to identify the best long-tail keywords, optimize website content, and ensure technical SEO elements are in place. Our expertise in voice search marketing positions us as a leader in the field, helping clients navigate this new terrain with confidence.

Voice Search: The Path Forward

As voice search continues to grow, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Businesses that adapt to voice search trends now will be better positioned to meet the evolving needs of their customers. At Triple7Marketing, we’re committed to helping our clients harness the power of voice search to drive growth and stay competitive.

With Triple7Marketing’s expertise, your business can not only adapt to this shift, but thrive in the voice search era. Let’s embrace the future of marketing together, one voice query at a time. For more insights, industry trends, and updates, follow Triple7Marketing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn @TheTriple7Mark. Join our community of satisfied clients who have experienced success with Triple7Marketing and contact us today.